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The Estate Office, Peniarth, Llanegryn, Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales, LL36 9UD




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Park charges information for 2016
Rent and rates:
£1,915.00 + VAT =  £2,298.00 Full Season 
Includes General Rates,  Water Rates,  water consumed,  and Refuse Disposal
Gas supplied is by the Bottle and is currently £54.50
Electricity is supplied at cost and individually metered and billed twice a year
Siting and Connection fee:
£1,750.00 + VAT to include siting, anchoring and connection to mains water, mains sewerage, individually metered electricity, the supply of 2 gas bottles, a regulator and all necessary lengths of pipe.
Disconnection Fee:
£750.00 + VAT to include disposal of decking and restoring the site and parking area
Opening/Closing: 11 Month Season   -   From 1st February to the 3rd January
Please ask if you would like any further information,
we are here to help
William Williams-Wynne
01654 710101
07831 131000