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The Estate Office, Peniarth, Llanegryn, Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales, LL36 9UD




+44 (0) 1654 710 101


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  1. No caravans over 5 years old may be sold privately on the Park - any Caravan Owner wishing to sell their Caravan must either inform Peniarth Estate or Salop Caravans, of their intention. We will make an offer for the Caravan and you are at liberty to remove the Caravan from the Park, providing that your account has been paid in full. There will however, be a disconnection fee (see Park Charges Information next page) to remove the Caravan from its pitch ready for your transporter to carry it away. When it is agreed that a caravan will be sold privately on the Park then a standard commission charge of 15% is payable following a successful interview between the Purchaser and ourselves.

  2. When part-exchanging or changing your Caravan for a new or newer model, you may not sell your present Caravan to another owner on the Park. Purchases shall be made through Peniarth Estate, and our Sales Agents, Salop Caravans, who would then take in your part exchange.

  3. No Caravan Owner is allowed to sub-let their caravan. Only relatives and close friends are allowed to use your Caravan, and we ask that the Estate Office be informed before anybody, other than yourselves, is going to use the Caravan.
    Remember: you will be responsible for the actions of everyone staying in your Caravan. If they do not adhere to the Park Rules then we will be forced to ask them to leave the Caravan and the Park. The number of occupants of a Caravan must not exceed the number for which it was designed.

  4. All caravan occupiers are expected to behave with courtesy and consideration for others at all times, as a result we would ask that you control the noise from radios, cassette players and televisions, as much as possible.

  5. No clothes lines are permitted other than a caravan clothes rack.

  6. As a safety precaution a smoke alarm & fire extinguisher must be fitted to each Caravan.

  7. Only 2 Cars may be parked alongside the door side of any Caravan, at any one time.

  8. SPEED LIMIT - Cars to be driven around the Park at no more than 10 mph at any time.

  9. No sheds, porches, fences or wooden steps are to be built around, or on, the pitches, without permission of The Estate Office. As a safety precaution nothing at all is permitted to be stored underneath the caravan which must be guarded with ½ round timber.

  10. Please do not cut any hedges, shrubs or trees without permission and do not put cuttings or hedge trimmings in the dustbin tidy’s. Please use allocated area.

  11. Dogs are allowed on the Park providing they are kept on a lead and any fouling left by them is cleared up immediately. Please exercise them on the allocated area. Dogs should not be left on their own in the Caravan and should be wormed every three months.

  12. CARAVAN INSURANCE - All Caravans must be insured on a re-instatement (new for old) basis.

  13. All invoices must be paid within the specified credit period or penalties will be incurred.